Pointe and Pre-Pointe 

Pointe and Pre-Pointe Classes (30 minutes) are an advanced form of ballet and are by invitation only. They are intended for the serious dancer, 12 or older, who has attended ballet class for at least three consecutive years. Pointe work requires enormous ankle strength, excellent turnout, proper technique, and dedication from the dancer.

Clogging & Tap

Clogging/Tap Class (45- 60 minutes) is open to girls & boys and is a great vehicle for developing rhythm, coordination and balance. The student will learn basic to advanced tap and clogging technique, terminology and progressive steps to form routines. The dancers feet become instruments sounding out rhythms, patterns, and beats. Adult clogging is a popular class at both studio locations.

Combination Classes 5-9

These classes will include ballet, acrobatics, jazz, hip hop, tap and clogging. The dancers will be placed by age, experience, and ability level, so that all dancers in each class will thrive. This class will be offered in 60, 75, and 90 minute sessions for girls & boys. Our main goal for these early elementary aged students is to develop a positive attitude toward dance and learning. We create a fun and exciting environment as we stretch their bodies, build strength, add to their dance skills and increase their attention span and memorization skills. We continue to build on the foundation of strength, grace and self expression.

Pre-K 3-4 Combo

Pre-K class (45-60 minutes) for girls & boys will include ballet, tumbling, jazz and tap. Our fast paced preschool program is a fun and well-organized atmosphere. Our preschoolers learn many skills to help their physical development, balance, strength and coordination in addition to general learning skills. Using age-appropriate songs and dances, we build on a preschooler's natural love for music and movement, providing a nurturing, stimulating, yet very structured classroom environment. A love for dance that will last a lifetime can begin these first years of class.

Class Details

Dance Fitness

Dance Fitness (45 minutes) a recreational class for teens and older combing ballet, jazz, hip hop, and exercise. Dance through the decades to a blend of music that will keep you moving. Strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, cardio and FUN are guaranteed. 


  • ​45 minutes per week = $50 per month
  • One hour per week = $55 per month
  • One hour and 30 minutes = $80 per month
  • Two hours per  week = $96 per month
  • Three hours per week = $124 per month 
  • Four hours per week = $152 per month
  • Five hours per week = $172 per month
  • Enrollment fee is $15 and is non refundable the fee is discounted if it is paid in the spring for the following season

​Tuition is due the first class of the month and is late after the 10th and a $10 late fee will be automatically applied. 

Tuition is based on a 4-week month. There will be some months that have 5 weeks and there will be no additional charge for the extra lesson. When the studio is closed for holidays and breaks, the full month's tuition will be due. This system does even out over the course of a calendar year. We do no allow partial payment for a month due to missed lessons, but we will do all that we can to find an appropriate make-up class.

​Contact us Today...year round enrollment

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Acrobatics Tumbling & Cheer

Acrobatics Class (60 minutes) is for boys & girls and combines the skills, power and flexibility of tumbling with the grace and coordination of dance. Balance and contortion, limber, aerial, and power tricks will be learned. We will also learn builds and partner stunts. Adding an all acrobat class to a combination class is a great way to accelerate your dancer's skill and can be added at a reduced rate. It is important to be enrolled in a ballet or jazz class to learn the dance moves and terminology that accompany tumbling. 

Ballet Lyrical  & Contemporary

Ballet Class (60 minutes) provides serious dancers with the technical training necessary to perform at an advanced level. Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles. Barre work is a series of exercises carefully designed to prepare the body for the demands of all forms of dance. Each exercise has the function of strengthening specific parts of the torso, hips, legs, ankles, feet, neck, shoulders, and arms.

Jazz Hip Hop & Theater

Jazz and Hip Hop Classes (45-60 minutes) are for girls & boys ages 9and older. There are several levels of this class and dancers will be placed appropriately depending on their skill. Students are exposed to many styles including funk, lyrical, musical theater, Latin, street, commercial, modern and more.

Jazz emphasizes the control and motion of the body with isolations ,progressions across the floor, center combinations and freedom of body. Jazz is a fast and fun form of self expression and a contemporary, stylized technical dance. Dancers will learn proper technique including kicks, leaps, turns and various jazz combinations. 

Hip Hop is a street influenced dance style focusing on isolating body parts, footwork combinations and attitude.

Musical Theater work helps dancers gain facial expressions, timing, knowledge of common stage steps, poise grace and more.